Magnets Collection

My magnet collection from various countries may not be considered highbrow art, but to me, they’re treasures that hold countless memories of places I’ve visited. Each magnet serves as a trigger, instantly transporting me back to the streets, sights, and sounds of those distant locales.

Wild Woman Radio

Spotify Playlist

wild woman

My Top 200 Radio

Spotify Playlist

Greece Winter 2018

Motion Graphics

Halloween 2018

Video Editing / Acting

SoftTech Website

Website Design and Programming

Robot Test Facility Area 58

Video Editing / Acting

Ukulele Group – My clog has fleas

Ukulele Promo Illustration

Protected: Geo Cloud

UI Design / Prototyping / Front-End

My India Experience

A Glimpse of India: A Personal Journey Through Culture and Diversity

Halloween 2016

Video Editing / Acting

LG smart watch ad

Ad Illustration

Starlight Express

Mehr! Entertainment Group invite

Turn Your World Around

Shifting Perspectives: A Journey with Latin Air to South America

iHeartRadio Ad

My Journey as a Prize-Winning Filmmaker

Vancouver Harbour Center

Renovations Showcase

DC shoe Design

Design Competition


Video design contest winner!!!

Lindsey Stirling Poster

Design Competition

Beach Valley Homestay

Social Media Advertisement

Neuro Mystery 10

The Dark Taj Mahal

Duracell Ad

The Bunny Apocalypse


Monet’s garden

Environment With Foliage

Neuro Mystery 9

The Nightingale


High Poly Character


Creature Model

Neuro Mystery 7

Braintraining Adventure

Rajasthan Game Level

Unity Game Level

Hawaiian Hula Girl

Low Poly Character

3D Ukulele’s

in the 3rd dimension

Macedonian House

Low Poly Enviroment

Elephants Ear

Low Poly Prop


Low Poly Prop

Wedding Invitation

Ilse and Gemma


Ukulele for Kids

Snow Gangs

Flash Game


Flash Game

Neurocampus 2.0

Braintraining Portal


Flash Quiz Game

Neurocampus 1.0

Brain Training Campus


LunaNL & Basis Communicatie


Dutch Tourist Office

Talpa Show-Reel

Motion Graphics

Academy Show-Reel

Animation Collection

Resevoir Gods

2voor12 quiz show

Bob and Boby

The Time Machine

George Braque

Decor Animation

Tram design 100 years Willem de Kooning

Winner! Tram Design Competition

The Five Elements

Cooking studio