The Netherlands

My home country, where I was born and currently reside.


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The Hague:
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Blog Post(s)

Discover blog articles focusing on this country, offering insights, stories, and perspectives during my stay.

Dutch Magnets

My Dutch magnet collection isn’t just about decorative pieces; it’s about preserving cherished moments and experiences that have shaped my life. Each magnet serves as a tangible reminder of the adventures and memories I’ve collected in the Netherlands.

Country Radio

Enjoy a curated playlist of songs from this country, showcasing its rich musical heritage and diverse soundscape.

My Portfolio

My portfolio showcases my creative journey as a designer, with a focus on projects related to the Netherlands. From animations to websites, each piece reflects my growth and integration of Dutch influences into my work.

Halloween 2018

Video Editing / Acting

SoftTech Website

Website Design and Programming

Robot Test Facility Area 58

Video Editing / Acting

Ukulele Group – My clog has fleas

Ukulele Promo Illustration

Halloween 2016

Video Editing / Acting

Neuro Mystery 10

The Dark Taj Mahal

Neuro Mystery 9

The Nightingale

Wedding Invitation

Ilse and Gemma


Ukulele for Kids

Snow Gangs

Flash Game


Flash Game

Neurocampus 2.0

Braintraining Portal


Flash Quiz Game

Neurocampus 1.0

Brain Training Campus


LunaNL & Basis Communicatie


Dutch Tourist Office

Talpa Show-Reel

Motion Graphics

Academy Show-Reel

Animation Collection

Bob and Boby

The Time Machine

George Braque

Decor Animation

Tram design 100 years Willem de Kooning

Winner! Tram Design Competition

The Five Elements

Cooking studio

My world magnet

My World

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