My second home country where I attended Emily Carr University of Art + Design and resided for several years, holds a special place in my heart. It’s not only where I pursued my education and honed my artistic skills but also where I developed a deep appreciation for Crokinole, my favorite game, amidst its vibrant cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes.


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Montreal, Ottowa, Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Saskatoon:

Toronto, Tavistock, Niagara Falls, Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin Island, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Lac-Témiscouata, Hopewell Cape, Prins Edward Island, Miscou Island, Campbellton, Mont-Tremblant, Trois-Rivières:

Blog Post(s)

Discover blog articles focusing on this country, offering insights, stories, and perspectives during my stay.

Canadian Magnets

My Canadian magnet collection isn’t just a bunch of fancy fridge decorations; it’s a treasure trove of memories and laughs that have colored my life. Each magnet brings back the wild adventures and quirky moments I’ve had across Canada – and hey, they even hold up my shopping list too!

Country Radio

Enjoy a curated playlist of songs from this country, showcasing its rich musical heritage and diverse soundscape.

My Portfolio

My portfolio showcases my creative journey as a designer, with a focus on projects related or made in Canada. From animations to websites, each piece reflects my growth and integration of Canadian influences into my work.

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My Journey as a Prize-Winning Filmmaker

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The Bunny Apocalypse

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