India, a land of vibrant diversity and striking contrasts, has left an indelible mark on my heart. From the bustling streets of Bangalore to the tranquil shores of Cherai Beach, every corner of this enchanting country has offered a unique and unforgettable experience. As a student at AIGA, delving into the realm of 3D modeling amidst India’s rich cultural tapestry added an extra layer of depth to my journey, blending the academic with the experiential in a truly immersive way.


[2011 2012]


Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Cherai Beach, Gokarna, Ooty, Hampi, Madurai, Kanyakumari
Delhi, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Cherai Beach, Hampi, Haiderabad and Mumbai

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Though my collection boasts a fair share of Indian magnets, the vibrant tapestry of this culturally rich country beckons for more to adorn my fridge.

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A Glimpse of India: A Personal Journey Through Culture and Diversity

Beach Valley Homestay

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Neuro Mystery 10

The Dark Taj Mahal

Monet’s garden

Environment With Foliage


High Poly Character


Creature Model

Rajasthan Game Level

Unity Game Level

Hawaiian Hula Girl

Low Poly Character

3D Ukulele’s

in the 3rd dimension

Macedonian House

Low Poly Enviroment

Elephants Ear

Low Poly Prop


Low Poly Prop

My world magnet

My World

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