The United States Of America

The USA, a land of vast horizons and boundless opportunity, is celebrated for its diverse landscapes, dynamic cities, and influential global presence. My travels have taken me to iconic destinations such as New York in 2003, and later to the vibrant cities of Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles in 2006.


New York
Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles

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Discover blog articles focusing on this country, offering insights, stories, and perspectives during my stay.

Merican Magnets

With just a few magnets from the United States in my collection, it’s a reminder of the vast landscapes and diverse experiences waiting to be explored across the country.

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Enjoy a curated playlist of songs from this country, showcasing its rich musical heritage and diverse soundscape.

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My portfolio showcases my creative journey as a designer, with a focus on projects related to the United States Of America.

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