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I'm Joert

Welcome to my website

I’m an adaptable designer with a passion for various creative disciplines. Throughout my time at art school, I delved into a range of design fields including animations, motion graphics, website design, games, 3D art, and offline design encompassing graphic and logo design, illustration, drawing, painting, and photography.

With allot of hands-on experience in the industry, complemented by a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration and a Professional Diploma in Game Art, I’m eager to tackle your project and ensure top-notch results.

My Portfolio

A showcase of representation of all that I’ve learned and accomplished as a designer. Creative works ranging from Animation, Illustration Games and Websites.

Elephants Ear

Low Poly Prop

Bob and Boby

The Time Machine

George Braque

Decor Animation


Ukulele for Kids


Low Poly Prop

Neuro Mystery 7

Braintraining Adventure

Neurocampus 1.0

Brain Training Campus


High Poly Character

Starlight Express

Mehr! Entertainment Group invite

DC shoe Design

Design Competition

Duracell Ad

The Bunny Apocalypse

Neuro Mystery 9

The Nightingale

Hawaiian Hula Girl

Low Poly Character

Talpa Show-Reel

Motion Graphics

Resevoir Gods

2voor12 quiz show

My Blog Posts

Discover my blog articles, offering insights, stories, and perspectives.

Magnet Collection

My magnet collection from various countries may not be considered highbrow art, but to me, they’re treasures that hold countless memories of places I’ve visited. Each magnet serves as a trigger, instantly transporting me back to the streets, sights, and sounds of those distant locales.

Radio Stations

Collecting songs and quilting them together into playlists, is something I already loved doing when I was a kid. Although the mediums have changed over time I like these collections of songs so much because they can create something larger and more complex than just a song or a single album.

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