Switzerland, a land of majestic mountains and pristine lakes, became the backdrop for one of my most memorable personal achievements. Climbing the towering peak of the Oberalpstock at 3,328 meters was a testament to my determination and love for adventure.


Maderanertal, Bristenhüttli, Bristenstock (2913m), Hotel Maderanertal, Hinterbalmhütte, Piz Ault(3.027m)

Maderanertal, Hotel Maderanertal, Hinterbalmhütte, Cavardiras Hütte, Oberalpstock (3.328m) and Treschhütte

Maderanertal, Windgällenhütte, Hotel Maderanertal, Hinterbalmhütte, Cavardiras Hütte and Treschhütte

Interlaken, First (2.184m), Piz Gloria (2.970m) and Geneva

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