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  • 4th Dutch Crokinole Tournament 2vs2 in 2023

    It’s with immense joy that I announce The Roaring Twenties’ triumphant victory at the 2023 Dutch National Crokinole Doubles Championship, securing our third consecutive title!

  • 3rd Belgium Crokinole Tournament 2vs2 Final 2023

    In April 2023, the prestigious Belgium Crokinole Tournament witnessed an epic showdown as the top teams from across the region battled for glory! Among them, our formidable duo, Sander and myself, proudly representing team “The Roaring Twenties,” blazed a trail to the finals for the second time.

  • A Sunday Crokinole Session With The Roaring Twenties

    Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at a typical Sunday Crokinole session with none other than The Roaring Twenties! As we gear up for the upcoming Belgium Doubles Crokinole Championship

  • 3rd Dutch Crokinole Tournament 2vs2 Final 2022

    Dutch Crokinole Cup (NK Crokinole) doubles championship! Last year’s champions, ‘The Roaring Twenties,’ take on the formidable ‘Toatenham Hotspurs’ in an epic showdown at restaurant ‘De Kartoffel’ in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

  • 2nd Dutch Crokinole Tournament 2vs2 in 2021

    Get ready for the second edition of the Dutch Crokinole Bond (NCB) tournament, where ‘The Roaring Twenties’ will showcase the true essence of Crokinole!

  • Crokinole European Championships 2018: The Netherlands Steps Up!

    The Crokinole European Championships of 2018 may have been my first taste of competitive play, but it was just the beginning of my journey.