Crokinole European Championships 2018: The Netherlands Steps Up!

In 2018, the Crokinole European Championships held in Hungary marked a pivotal moment for enthusiasts worldwide. For me, it was not only my inaugural tournament but also my introduction to the exhilarating world of Crokinole, a mere month prior.

With curiosity piqued and adrenaline pumping, I made the spontaneous decision to venture to Budapest, eager to see what this beloved game was all about. Little did I know, it would be a journey of discovery and newfound passion.

As a proud representative of the Netherlands, I embraced the challenge with enthusiasm, even creating a video to showcase our readiness for the competition. However, as the video concluded, it became apparent that my skills needed refinement. It was a humbling realization, but one that fueled my determination to improve for future tournaments.

The Crokinole European Championships of 2018 may have been my first taste of competitive play, but it was just the beginning of my journey. Armed with newfound knowledge and a drive to succeed, I eagerly anticipated the next opportunity to test my skills on the Crokinole stage.

Watch the video below to see the Netherlands’ spirited entry into the championship and stay tuned as I continue to hone my techniques for future tournaments. The journey to mastery may be challenging, but with each flick of the disc, I inch closer to Crokinole greatness.

The Netherlands is ready!

The Hungarian Crokinole Dance No.1