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  • De Kromme Zweth: Is It Canoeable?

    🌊 Embracing the first weekend of spring with a windy paddle on ‘De kromme Zweth’ near Wateringen! 🛶💨 There’s something magical about the ripples on the water caused by the wind. Can’t get enough of these local adventures! Stay tuned for more ‘Is it canoeable?’ explorations!

  • Highway A13: Is It Canoeable?

    Challenge the notion that highways are solely for commuting! Join ‘Is It Canoeable’ on an adventurous expedition to explore the legendary Highway A13 that cuts through Delft, as I determine if it’s navigable by canoe!

  • Abtswoudse Bos: Is It Canoeable?

    In this captivating episode, our sights are set on the enchanting Abtswoudse Bos in Delft. Tucked away amidst the picturesque Dutch landscape, this hidden gem beckons us to unveil its true canoeing potential.

  • Do Cows Like Canoeing?

    Picture this: you’re peacefully gliding along the serene waterways of the Netherlands, taking in the scenic beauty around you, when suddenly you realize you have a rather unusual audience – a group of curious cows!

  • Clingendael Park: Is It Canoeable?

    Explore Clingendael Park, a tranquil oasis boasting exquisite gardens and ancient trees, perfect for a serene escape from city life. Yet, amidst its serene waters, one might ponder: is this idyllic haven also ripe for a canoeing escapade?

  • I started a Youtube Channel: Is It Canoeable?

    Welcome aboard, fellow adventurers! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with ‘Is It Canoeable?’

  • Delft: Is It Canoeable?

    My first trip in my new canoe! Let’s discover my home town Delft and see if its canoeable.